Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II

Imagine being able to do motion-capture without the need for a large space and an expensive multi-camera setup, such as used in movies like Avatar. Just announced, Rokoko’s Smartsuit Pro II let’s users do just that. Put on the suit, connect it to your computer via a wifi link, and fire-up the free Rokoko Studio software, and users can animate characters in real time, as well as record, clean and edit the data in seconds, and stream it live into major tools like Unreal, Unity, Maya, Blender and iClone.

A major upgrade over their previous model, the Smartsuit Pro II is more accurate, ready for multi-level tracking (allowing it to track elevation along stairs, ladders and the y-axis), and designed to cope with high-impact use, so punching, fighting, and falling won’t compromise data quality. It also integrates with Rokoko’s Smartgloves, which allow users to track hand and finger movement. Best of all, its cost places it well within reach of even the most modest indie creator, costing just US$2,745.

With 30,000 users, Rokoko’s mocap products have been used by everyone from major studios to one-man indie creators, whether it be in film, games or education. With Rokoko taking pre-orders for January 2022, if you’ve been wondering how to produce studio-quality mocap without breaking the bank, then the Smartsuit Pro II is definitely worth your attention.

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