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I remember really enjoying reading game reviews - even of games I knew that I’d never play. Why? Because they were entertainingly written. They didn’t just disinterestedly pull apart a game, but told stories of the type you’d tell your friends (“OMG! Did you see what just happened?!”). You could hear the voice of the reviewer and learn not just what they thought, but what it was like for them to play the game: was it full of cold-and-calculating (but oh-so-satisfying) tactical choices, or a white-knuckle ride of split-second decision making?

Big Bytes and Small Nibbles aims to provide a home for reviews which are not only informative, but also highly idiosyncratic and, most importantly, fun. (In fact, if you’re wondering where the name came from, one dictionary definition of a nibble is that it’s a unit of data equal to half a byte.) It’s also about more than just the experience of the latest game, or the snazziest tech to run it properly. It’s about engaging with all that surrounds the creation and experience of great games, from technical and artistic creators, concept artists, ludologists, devs, composers, engineers and more, through to the gamers and competitors and beyond, to the writers and historians who document how our favourite games and technology came into existence.

In its website form you, the lucky reader, get limited access to some of the brilliant (even if I say so myself) content. To our lucky subscribers, they get all this, and more - in particular our excellent interviews which tend to focus on the design aspect of creating a game - delivered to their inbox in the form of a lovingly crafted, beautifully laid-out PDF magazine. Only those games which can be recommended will be found here, including not only the latest and greatest, but also the older gems which may, in today's cluttered marketplace, escape your notice all-to-easily.

Stay safe, play well, and game on!

Dr Taliesin Coward
Big Bytes and Small Nibbles

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