If you want to learn some of the thoughts, choices and processes that go into making great games, you've come to the right place! At Big Bytes and Small Nibbles we are proud of our interview series with game developers.

While most of the interviews are exclusively published in our magazine, you can find two interviews here, to whet your appetite. 

Interviews include:
• John Romero (co-founder of id Software)
• Damon Slye (creative director of Red Baron)
• David Münnich (Supraland)
• Jarosław Zieliński (Ancestors Legacy)
• Alexander Poysky (Between the Stars)
• Chip Flory (Fictorum)
• Tomas Rampas (Volcanoids)

Tomas Rampas on Volcanoids

Issue 1 March-April 2019

We talk to Tomas Rampas from the indie studio Volcanoids, about their steampunk-themed survival game of the same name.

Chip Flory on Fictorum

Issue 3 July-August 2019

Go behind the scenes of the Kickstarter success and one of the greatest mage simulators around, with developer Chip Flory.

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