Dell Ultrasharp 27" Monitor with PremierColour UP2716D

Expect to pay: $860 AUD

In a world of dedicated gaming monitors, of super high-speed displays kited out with nVidia’s Gsync or AMD’s FreeSync, why would a gamer go for a none gaming monitor? In the case of Dell’s Ultrasharp... the answer is simple: colour.

You see, while many gaming monitors have overcome the problems of colour-shift when viewed from an angle, they still tend to suffer from lackluster contrast (despite whatever their specs suggest), poor brightness levels, and dull colours. Warmer colours in general, and reds in particular, suffer from a washed out, bland look. This is in large part due to the method of backlighting used in these monitors.
Not so with this monitor, capable of displaying 100% of both sRGB and Adobe RGB colourspace, and can display up 1.07 billion colours, roughly 64 times more than standard displays. Coupled to this is excellent contrast and the ability to turn the screen up to truly eye-watering levels of brightness. In real terms, this means that you can enjoy richer, deeper and far more vibrant colours.

Also, particularly relevant to graphic artists and content creators, is the fact that this monitor is factory-colour calibrated with a deltaE of less than 2 (meaning that any discrepancies between the desired colour and what is displayed is indistinguishable to the human eye). This means that once content creators have set up what colour space they’re working in – whether for web, print or film – they know that what they see on screen is what it actually looks like.

For peace of mind, it Dell also offer a three year warranty, and their Premium Panel Guarantee. This latter means that should you be unfortunate enough to take delivery of the monitor, plug it in, and then discover even one bright pixel (which occasionally happens), they will replace the monitor without fuss.

While 60FPS is the maximum you’ll ever get out of this monitor thanks to its speed, as far as colour goes, this monitor is exceptional and is easy to recommend to those for whom colour is king. ■

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