Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse AW958

Expect to pay: $145-180 AUD


12,000 DPI with 5 levels of on-the-fly DPI switching

Omron Switches

13 programmable buttons

Polling Speed


Designed for right-handers, Alienware’s Elite Gaming Mouse AW958 has all the features we’ve come to expect of top-line mice: high-quality, programmable buttons (buttons which last up to 50 million clicks), a high-resolution sensor (12,000DPI, to be precise), fast 1000Hz polling and 250IPS for increased accuracy, and, of course, customisable RGB lighting courtesy of the easy-to-use Alienware command centre. It also features Alienware’s eye-catching and unusual design, and fits well with other Alienware products.

However, when it comes to the AW958, customisation is clearly the name of the game. Featuring not only removeable weights, it also has detachable side panels. Attached by powerful magnets, both sides can be swapped-out for an included alternative. For the right-hand panel, for instance, you can choose whether you want it to be narrow or have a more wide, sweeping contour for your fingers to rest on. The left-hand panel comes with a choice of two large, or six smaller buttons (hence, when you see the mouse advertised, it says it features ‘up to’ 13 buttons).

Alongside the panels, it also features an adjustable palm rest. With the press of a button, you can slide the back half of the mouse’s shell out a few steps, so you can find the most comfortable position for your hand and grip-style. Oh, it also comes with two weight ‘cartridges’ each holding up to two 5g weights which can be slotted into the back of the mouse.

The AW958 has a solid feel to its build-quality. The buttons are responsive and sturdy – especially the scroll-wheel which can be scrolled, pressed, or nudged left and right for different results. The DPI can be easily increased or decreased by simply nudging a central button either left or right. It looks good, and, forgetting it’s a mouse for a moment, its jolly good fun to tinker with all the moving and swappable components.

For all it’s customisation options, it does suit a big hand, If you find you’re right at home with something like the Razer DeathAdder, then you may find Alienware’s AW958 too big for comfort. However, for those with big hands who like Alienware styling and love customisation, the AW958 should be on your list for consideration.■

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