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Welcome to the website of Big Bytes and Small Nibbles!

The bi-monthly magazine aimed at gaming enthusiasts and the just plain curious. Carefully selected to represent the best in fun and quality, only those games which can be recommended to players and purchasers will be found here.

Subscribers will get sent a lovingly crafted PDF magazine featuring exclusive content and interviews, with each issue featuring a selection of Small Nibbles (the latest news and updates), and Big Bytes. These including in-depth and entertaining PC game reviews (ranging from the latest and greatest new releases, to those older gems which may have escaped your notice), as well as tech reviews, articles, interviews with developers, and gaming histories.

Non-subscribers can access select reviews and articles when they are uploaded to this website at a later date following the magazine's release.

Join us! It's going to be quite a ride!

Dr Taliesin Coward
Big Bytes and Small Nibbles

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